Psychology Club holds No Stress Fest before finals week

As the school year comes an end, Psychology Club hosts its biannual No Stress Fest throughout the week before finals for students. From May 15 through the 19, the week is filled with fun activities to relieve the stress of finals for everyone in the North community.

“I love how we have something to appeal to pretty much every student and teacher since mostly everyone experiences stress sometime during finals time. It’s a really creative and calm environment that allows everyone at some point to just take a breath and recognize that self-care is also a super important, and that stressing out too much without any type of outlet/relaxation will do more harm than good,” said junior Kat Black.

From Monday to Friday, Psych Club introduced therapy dogs, games, art/crafts, art therapy, and even movie day. Every student or staff member had the option to participate in any of these stress relieving activities throughout the course of the week, so they could possibly have an easier time for the preparation for the upcoming test week.

“As a student, I think it’s a vital part to have a go to place during a stressful week, like finals. No Stress Fest just happens to be that place, but I think it’s an extremely cool thing to host for students/staff in need of some relaxing activities. I know, personally, seeing dogs and petting them just takes my mind off things, which is our entire goal/purpose for this week,” said senior officer Ashley Garver.

Psych Club has many more fun activities that occur during the year, other than No Stress Fest, but also gives fun helpful tips for battling and conquering the week of finals.

“I’ve always had a genuine interest in psychology, so I figured I would go to a meeting and see how it was. I ended up immediately loving it. The club is an awesome way to get involved in the community and make a positive impact on a lot of people’s lives,” Black said.