Behind the scenes of athletic trainers

The athletic trainers are the backbone to any sports team. The trainers keep the players on their feet and are their number one supporters. There is more to being a trainer than one would imagine though.

“Balancing time between school work and training after school  was one of the most difficult parts of being a student trainer. I love being in the training room, so in the end it’s all worth it,” said freshman Chloe Berna.

A lot of preparation goes into every game that is coordinated. It is the athletic trainer’s job to supply water and any medical assistant needed.

“We usually get dressed in our uniforms first (which includes our khakis and black polo shirt), setting up our table and getting all our stuff outside (including tape, and plenty of other things), then we make sure everyone has a bag and we head out to the gym, or field,” said freshman Jamie Twadell.

Joining athletic training is a commitment but is a commitment that is worthwhile for anyone wishing to go into that field of work.

“Some of my friends were in it or had previously been in it, and I’m looking towards a medical job in the future so I thought this may give you experience,” Berna said.

To the students, Caitlin and Alex, the athletic trainers inspire them and push them to become better people and student trainers while they are in the program.

“Caitlin and Alex inspire me with their attitudes toward everything and how they can get everything done with all the chaos going on around,” Berna said.