Lacrosse remains undefeated

The Knights lacrosse team has taken the game to an entire new level this season with their continuous wins within
and outside the Northern Lake
County Conference. Undefeated, the boys are striving to make it past Regionals and possibly take the Class 3A State title.
“Our overall team goal is to make it to State and win, but my individual goal is to constantly improve my game enough to play at the college level. I want to better myself as a player, so when game time comes around, I’m ready for anything,” said sophomore Zach Carter.

The team has endured hard, high intensity practices and workouts throughout the course of the season with the distinct purpose of physically preparing them for the tough competition.

“The main focus of every practice is to be consistent with our energy and effort. [We want] to get better every day as a team and coaching staff. A usual practice will look very busy with no down time. It may get very loud at times as well as high energy,” said head coach Brad Fish.

The players and coaches are not only incredibly skilled and knowledgeable with the sport, they also find it extremely different compared to other sports they participate in.

“Lacrosse and wrestling are two very different sports that I have grown to love more each year I play them,” said sophomore Kyle Bosshart.

Currently, the team is undefeated with a 12-0 record in IHSLA and ranked third overall in the State behind Loyola Academy and New Trier, which they compete with on May 16. Multiple players are also at the top of the State in numerous categories such as Griffin Patton, Dami Oladunmoye, Matt Monaghan and Matt Carr.