Cheerleading prepares for the winter competition season


With the pressure of their first competition at Stevenson on December 15th, coaches and team members of all three levels of cheerleading have been preparing rigorously.

“The team is together six days a week conditioning and practicing for the competition season,” said head varsity coach Jennifer Garza.

Cheerleaders and coaches of the varsity team have been practicing through summer off season training, and the fall football season in order to prepare for winter competition season.

“Outside of practice, some teammates usually go to open gym to practice tumbling and stunts,” said junior, and varsity cheerleader, Teagan Johnson.

This year’s varsity cheer team consists of several new members which will challenge the squad again this year.

“I have been coaching for a very long time, and I have come to realize that no two teams are ever alike;” Garza said. “We always start over as a new group and learn how to work together to be successful,”

By working hard and working together, the girls are excited for what the upcoming season holds for them.

“Cheerleading is a team effort, and I’m glad my team works together to get the job done,” said junior, and varsity cheerleader, Olivia Tinsley.

Coaches of all three levels have been working diligently with the teams and expect the best from them.

“We have very high expectations this year, and [the cheerleaders] know that each individual needs to put in the work,” Garza said.

Cheerleading is a vigorous sport involving a lot of stamina, flexibility and speed, and demands endurance from all of the cheerleaders.

“I can say that there isn’t a day where one person doesn’t get a bruise,” Johnson said.

After months of practice and workouts, coaches and team members are all ready for the winter competition season to begin.

“We want to go out there and leave everything on the mat, every time we take the floor,” Garza said.