Martin Rocha

Ever wondered what teachers like to do on their free time when they are not teaching? Martin Rocha gives an insight to his everyday, out of school life. He has been a Spanish teacher here for eight years and absolutely loves his job.
“I love working here. I love teaching Spanish in such a natural way, whether it’s vocab or writing. Also telling stories or doing scenarios because I can be myself by having my own imagination,” Rocha said.
Rocha may be a teacher, but outside of school he enjoys being artistic and creative by drawing. He has even created posters of superheroes for fundraisers that involve LSU.
“I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. I enjoy drawing because I can be relaxed. I’m passionate in my drawings. I love it when the drawing starts to come together little by little by adding colors into it. I also love when I see my work finally finished because it makes me feel proud of myself,” Rocha said.
Other than being a full-time teacher and part-time artist, he also finds time to play music and sponsor Latinos Stand Up.