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Going in Style

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Going in Style is a movie with a star studded acting line-up, with Michael Caine as Joe, Morgan Freeman as Willie and Alan Arkin as Albert. It is about three old men who are great friends and have lost their pensions because a bank was robbed. So they come together and say that they are planning to rob a bank. The movie starts with Joe going to the bank and asking why the bank is taking his money, and that he can not lose his house because his granddaughter lives with him. While this is happening, the bank is getting robbed, with one teller peeing his pants in the process.
Later the next day, they go to work and they learn that their pensions after working there for 30 plus years are being cancelled. That night while arguing over who the bachelorette will pick for the final rose, Joe contemplates robbing a bank. They actually think and consider it. As practice, they try robbing a small grocery store, but it does not go very well as they get caught on cameras, and you can all see where they are hiding stuff in their jackets making you laugh. They all try escaping on an old scooter with a basket on it for Willie to sit in.
They get caught and leave with a warning, but then they actually get help from a professional and hilariously prepare to rob a bank. After that, Willie learns that he doesn’t have much time to live because of his bad kidney so he plans to rob the bank and then get money for his kidney transplant. They have 30 days to prepare and get their old bodies into shape. Do they rob the bank and get away with it or not? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

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Going in Style