Arts celebrated at Muse

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On March 19, students and teachers hosted Muse, an event that is dedicated to showing off the arts to the public.
Muse features many activities and showcases to promote the arts at the school. Students can have their art displayed and get involved in other arts.
“Muse is a fine arts event that gets kids excited to do fine arts and gets the community into arts. I’ve always loved the fine arts, and getting the appreciation for fine arts at North is really important to me,” said student volunteer Kate Karvelis.
This event offers many artistic activities for the enjoyment of all guests. There is always something to do
“Muse to me is all the fine arts coming together and all the students working together to create this immersive experience for the community,” said art teacher Kelly Bott.
The doors are open to everyone in the community. Anyone is welcome to support the arts.
“People can come to sit in on the stations we have, listen to the performers we have, donate if you have places to donate, and just be here to support us,” said student volunteer Olivia Solano.
There will always be a Muse night to go to every year, each one is a little different than the last. The changing activities and theme keep it fresh, and there is always more that could be added.
“When we originally started, we kind of had a whole performance and a lot of people didn’t have the fluidity of coming and going since there’s so many activities to do, so this year we tried to break it down and have sometimes different things be playing,” said theater teacher Clare McConville.