Artists spark student inspiration


Spark Week is dedicated to artists of all kinds who come to the school for students to learn from.
Spark Week is the start of a lot of art appreciation at the school. It showcases work to inspire students and promotes Muse and Coffee House, two other showcasing events.
“Art can be anything that you make it. I think that it just enhances our lives so much, so if anyone can walk away with anything, it’s that the inspiration needs to get out and express themselves artistically in some way,” said Spark Week committee member Cher Schwartz.
The acts can inspire people in many ways. There is a spread of performers to cover many interests of students.
“I like to imagine that each act brings words, a story, a voice from a journey we may or may not be familiar with. If we are familiar with it, we don’t feel so alone. If not familiar, we develop empathy. Each act, professionals and student-openers alike, inspires me in many different ways each year,” said Spark Week committee member Julia Burkel.
This week can be a learning experience to get people to think about what they like to do.
“Spark Week is all about that main word, the spark, and so sometimes, if you’re already interested in one of the topics, you’ll probably have learned a major chunk of something. If not, we hope there’s enough going on for something to spark your curiosity,” said Spark Week committee member Tom New.