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Fine Arts present their annual festival, MUSE

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This week, Fine Arts presented their annual MUSE, the arts festival celebrating visual, musical, and theatrical arts.

“MUSE was a wonderful experience. It was so nice to see all the fine arts come together to create an event that can be enjoyed by the entire community. Seeing people enjoy art as much as I do was just a thrilling experience. For one night, the whole school is focused on the arts rather than what is normally focused on. I loved seeing everybody’s talents and seeing the stunning work that was in the art show outside the art rooms. Overall, I love MUSE and I’m so happy I participated in it this year,” said junior Jade Walker.

MUSE had many events. There were events in the art rooms and music rooms, along with smaller events taking place in the cafeteria. There were also performances in the cafeteria for all to enjoy.

“Seeing Pulse Acapella perform was a really fun time. I liked seeing them create a great song only using their voices. The talent required to do that is just so stunning and spectacular. I had a great time,” said junior Kate Pasmore.

Children from all over Lake County were able to participate in events to introduce them to the arts and have a good time.

“It was really amazing to see kids take interest in the arts at such a young age. I hope it will lead to them joining art classes in the future and maybe even taking art classes when they reach high school. To know we might have impacted a child that way would just be inspiring,” Walker said.

As MUSE wraps up, the fine arts still do many things to end the year on a high note. The visual arts continue murals. The musical arts continue their concerts, and theatre continues with Thespian inductions and theatre finals. Although normally separated, MUSE allows all the arts to come together to make an event for the community to enjoy.

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Fine Arts present their annual festival, MUSE