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College Visits

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As senior year approaches for juniors, they start to look at colleges and start visiting them as well. Juniors look all around so that once they are out of high school they have a plan and could settle down, just as seniors do and have already looked and planned it out.
College visits are very important to seniors as well as juniors who haven’t really taken the time to look.
“College visits are important because you get to know different types of schools. Also you see the school, you see where it’s located and you see the environment of it. It tells me if it’s right or not,” said senior Cindy Alcala.
When juniors and even seniors look at a school far away, they could look at different strategies that could help them when they are interested in it.
“If a school is far way and you can’t get to the school, there are definitely ways to meet with the school without having to travel. For instance, we have college reps that visit Grayslake North to meet with the students, and that would be a way if you can’t get to Colorado, you can meet with the Colorado rep here at North to get more information. There is also a big college fair at CLC twice a year. So they typically have over 180 different colleges. So if you can’t get to Arizona, but you want to see Arizona State, you could go to the college fair and meet with the rep and get information,” said college counselor Jamie McKenna.
Seniors encourage juniors to start looking for colleges and visiting because it is very important to decide what college is the right one.
“Junior year because once you’re a senior it’s pretty much deciding what school you’re going to sign for or be committed for,” Alcala said.
Juniors as well as some seniors who have not looked at colleges should keep in mind the different things they should look at when they go.
“Look at the things you’re interested in. See if that college is right for you and in your own interest not someone else, because that’s where you’re going to spend the next few years in,” said senior Josian Martinez


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College Visits