The Lego Batman Movie Review

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The Lego Batman Movie was a fantastic film about Batman’s greatest fear: being part of a family.
The movie opens up with a huge fight between Batman and many great villains in the DC universe, all led by the Joker.
The Joker gives Batman a choice to save the city from the bomb the Joker placed or finally catch the Joker, his greatest enemy. Batman instead surprises the Joker by letting him know that Batman does not consider anyone his greatest enemy. The Joker gets away, disappointed by Batman’s views on their relationship as hero and villain, while Batman defuses the bomb and saves Gotham.
The Joker makes a plan to prove how important he is to Batman as a villain, while Batman deals with his new son and sidekick Robin, Gotham’s new head of defense, Barbara Gordon, and his butler, Alfred. The four of them work together in an epic battle to stop the Joker.
The story shows that Batman is seen as nothing but a hero, but he never has anyone who knows him personally. Over time, he eventually finds that his allies are the closest family he has, and he learns to let them into his life.
This film uses wonderful storytelling that shows not only Batman’s difficulty to accept being part of a family again, but also the range of emotions that make the audience feel like they are going through it all with Batman, as he eventually comes around and fights along side them.
The comedy was top notch, and it has a good, dramatic story. I loved this movie and would absolutely recommend it to everyone.