Behind the scenes of Spark Week

Four years ago, Spark Week began as an idea to start something that would inspire students and teachers alike to pursue their artistic abilities.
“Spark Week here started a year after Central started Writers’ Week. For as much as might seem similar between Writer’s Week and Spark Week, there is also a ton of individuality within the two schools. We really just wanted to give as many students as possible that chance to find a creative spark within themselves,” said one of Spark Week coordinators Tom New.
Spark Week is the week of April 17-20. It’s a week where the Black Box is filled with artists of every kind: slam poets, musicians, creative writers, even pothole painters. The school brings in authors and artists from all over the country, as well as authors and artists from inside the school.
“It is the opportunity to give students a creative spark. We realize, understand, and love the fact that every student is different. Therefore we know that because of that huge variety of skills and interests we have to provide a huge variety of creative interests and skills,” New said.
It’s not only a teacher run event. Plenty of students from the Green Room help prepare, set up and run Spark Week. Groups such as Pulse, the school’s acapella group, will also be performing as opening acts this year.
“I’m excited to open with Pulse because we don’t have a lot of opportunities to show ourselves to the school,” said junior Anna Taylor.
Students throughout Grayslake North love the idea and purpose behind Spark Week.
“My favorite part is the whole idea of appreciating the arts. Usually the sports are the most recognized, so it’s nice to have a week where we can gain publicity,” said senior Mads Moll.
The team working to produce Spark Week is very excited for this year’s line up of authors and artists.
“We really tried this year to bring all new acts and people. It is going to be so cool seeing what the students think of our line-up this year,” New said