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We all have those mornings. We are running late, forgot something at home or just a morning that people can feel it’s going to be a bad day. Just the other day, I was having a rough morning. During one of the passing periods, I tripped and fell up the stairs and my water bottle fell down the stairs. As you can imagine, I was very embarrassed. However, there was a girl who was down at the end of the stairs. She grabbed my water bottle from the bottom of the stairs, brought it up to me, handing it to me asking if I was okay. It made me feel better knowing that someone cared to ask if I was alright. She could have just kept walking to wherever her next class was, but instead she took the time to help out a fellow peer she had never met before.
It is little things like these that can really make someone’s day turn around. Showing these acts of kindness throughout the day can hopefully brighten someone else’s day. The little things like saying please and thank you, good morning, have a good day and in this case “are you okay” can really affect that person’s day. I say “good morning” and “have a good day” to my bus driver every morning I get on the bus and after school getting off the bus. It has become a habit and something that makes me feel good inside.
In today’s world, I feel as though we are surrounded by negativity in school, negativity on the news and the negativity that comes out of our mouths every day without us even realizing it! It’s crazy to think every day we may say several negative things. The people around you will then start to feed off of that negativity and the chain keeps going on and on from there. If everyone would be kind to one another and take the time in our busy lives to perhaps make someone else’s day a bit brighter, the world and our school would be a much happier place.

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Marino’s Message