Wrestling team moves on to Sectionals


While winter sports are slowly coming to a close, the wrestling team continues to have extremely high expectations for Sectionals and even possibly State. In these next few weeks, athletes will begin to take all their hard work since November and put it into action for the opportunity to participate in the IHSA tournaments.
“Wrestling is such a unique sport. The effort and time we have to put into our practices is extensive, but it all makes up for it in the long run. It’s such a big aspect of my life, and I’m really happy to be doing it, especially with some of my best friends,” said sophomore Adam Blonski.
The coaches for all three levels all specifically focus on the overall improvement in the wrestlers from meet to meet. After a dual or tournament, practices become uniquely designed for development.
“Our practices usually consist a lot of drilling, learning, or reviewing moves that we may need to work on or struggled with during previous meets. We then wrestle live matches or situations and condition or lift towards the end of practice,” said head varsity coach Collin McKillip.
The entire team has been preparing for the next couple weeks.
Though wrestling is a tremendous amount of work, both coaches and wrestlers thoroughly enjoy the sport and the hard work ethic that follows.
“My favorite aspect of wrestling is probably that we have to take all of the responsibility on ourselves. There’s no one to blame but ourselves, and I think this ultimately helps to make us better as individuals,” said senior Joe Arroyo.
The team competed at Regionals on February 4th. Joe Arroyo, Alex Moran, and Angel Flores will be moving on to Sectionals.