Spring athletes begin training for season

With the winter sports slowly coming to a close on their season, the spring athletes are waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the weight room throughout the course of the week in preparation for the ultimate season that awaits them.
“[Conditioning] helps get you ready for the upcoming season and helps gain strength and endurance to get you ready for game day. I want to be able to compete to the best of my ability and give it all 100 percent all the time by the end of conditioning,” said senior pitcher Trajan Castro.
Before and after school, lacrosse, baseball, softball, track and field, and girls soccer devote their time and energy for many weeks leading up to their season to make themselves better individually and work as a team.
“Conditioning is a perfect way to help myself become a better and more prepared athlete for the hard work I have to put in during the season. The workouts we do specifically focus on the things we will face later on,” said junior lacrosse player Garrick McGregor.
Spring conditioning not only aids student athletes in the physical aspect, but some people personally view the workouts as mental training for the season.
“What I would like to do differently compared to last season is be more confident when I am playing and become a stronger competitor on the field,” said sophomore varsity soccer player McKenna Brooks.
The workouts that athletes encounter are specifically focused on the muscles and techniques they will need for their upcoming season.
“We normally focus on softball specific workouts. We work our core and leg muscles the most so we can be powerful when hitting and throwing. We also add in some speed and agility exercises to work on our lateral movement and explosiveness,” said head varsity softball coach Lea Corcoran.