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Students celebrate Valentine’s Day on a high school budget

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As people struggle to find warmth in the winter months, February rolls around. Even as the temperature drops, love is in the air all around the world. People find romance everywhere they go as the year leads up to February 14th, Valentine’s Day.
During this month of love, couples often go to drastic measures to show their partners that they are appreciated.
According to CNN, the number of people who expect or are planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day is six million.
While this idea is romantic, for high schoolers, it is a bit unpractical. Proposals are often very expensive and only given after a long time of dating. So, what do high schoolers do for this love filled holiday?
“On Valentine’s Day, [my significant other] and I typically spend time with each other by watching a movie or going out to eat,” said junior Kate Pasmore.
High school is a time where many people do not have money, so they have to be cautious with their amount of spending on February 14th.
“Valentine’s Day will be more of a quality time day than a fancy dinner or gifts. Neither of us are planning on doing gifts, so it’s easy to be frugal.” said senior Mads Moll.
The day to appreciate your partner does not have to be stressful. It can just be a day to show your significant other the love you have for them.
“I celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s a specific day of the year that reminds me to not take those around me for granted and to appreciate that they’re in my life,” Pasmore said.
This day is a very important day for many people all across the globe for a variety of different reasons.
“Valentine’s Day, for me, is a day to give all your love and attention to your partner, just for a day. We often take them for granted with everything else in our lives. Valentine’s Day is going to be the day when my partner gets special treatment because that just isn’t possible for me on a consistent basis,” Moll said.
Valentine’s Day is a day to express all the love you have for people in your life and show them off.
“I celebrate this day because, really, love is all that you need in life and in school,” said junior Kevin Villalobos.

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Students celebrate Valentine’s Day on a high school budget