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Students prepare to travel on school trips

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As spring break is only a couple mounths away, many students are doing last minute preparations in order to prepare for the trips. There are several trips that will be happening around the time of spring break. One of which is the Europe trip that will be March 22-30.
“We’ve been planning this trip since 2015. We take kids to Europe on three-year cycles, so we go two years in a row and then take a year off before starting up again. The last trip was in 2015, and we knew shortly after that where our next trip would be,” said trip advisor Denise Franta.
Some students have known about these trips for many months and have had meetings that explain to students and parents the plan of the trip and the overall costs.
The band is flying to Disney World to participate in a parade that some explain is truly a magical experience.
“Informational meetings have happened with students and parents. Trip rehearsals will be in late February,” said trip advisor Candace Edstrand.
All Spanish students were offered a chance to participate in the Puerto Rico trip that is happening on March 24-31. Some students who are going have been doing fundraisers at nearby locations.
“This is the first time I am bringing students to Puerto Rico. The one thing that we offer that other classes do not is that we offer a short family stay with a Spanish/Peruvian/Costa Rican family. The students enjoy meeting and learning from the families in a way that a book, video or website cannot,” said trip advisor Nikki Kirchway.
Several trips involve groups of students that may have been in class together and have learned the material that will help them throughout the trip.
“My favorite part of this trip is that I get to spend it with Ellie McShane and Nicole Lacke. It will be a lot of fun to travel with friends,” said junior Danielle Lacke.
As these trips are drawing near, students are starting to get excited for these trips. All the hard work that they have been doing will finally pay off. Many people have not left the country before and have had to get a passport. Others are excited to visit another place they may not have visited throughout the United States.

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Students prepare to travel on school trips