Students struggle with choosing the right college

How do you know what college to go? Ever wondered what students go through in order for them to find the right college for them, whether it’s perfect for them or they just find that college interesting?
Students express how they do it to find a college right for them and what they go through in the process.
“The best way for students to determine what college to go to is by a variety of factors. Researching colleges will help narrow their list of schools. We encourage students to use Naviance in their college search, using the super-match feature. Visiting college campuses will also help narrow down their list of schools. The final factor would be cost of attendance. It is important for students to have a financial conversation with their parents/guardians as soon as possible so students know what to expect when factoring in the cost of college,” said college counselor Jamie McKenna.
Students have specific aspects that they are looking for to decide whether they want to attend that school or not.
“I look for things like a student to faculty ratio, to see how they cooperate with each other. Also to see if they offer the extracurricular activity that I’m interested in because you get a lot of free time in college,” said senior Jacque Garza.
Students who have an idea of what college they want to attend have the opportunity to help others who need a bigger push of encouragement to find their dream school.
“My advice to students who are struggling is that you’re super young and you shouldn’t stress about a single thing. Be patient and look for a college that is meant for you not anyone else,” said senior Irving Barrera.
Students who enter colleges have goals that they want to achieve and accomplish for their future.
“My goals are to be as involved as much as I can, and my personal goals will be to run track and just do really well to become a psychiatrist in the future,” Garza said.