LSU attends Pachanga

Latinos Stand Up, LSU, attended a dance called a Pachanga on October 28 from 5:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m at Buffalo Grove High School.
“Pachangas are gatherings of local schools’ Latino clubs. We all gather, and the host school plans icebreaker activities, team building, and leadership activities. Then there is dinner and some dancing,” said LSU sponsor Amy Alderson.
This is not the first year that Latinos Stand Up had the dance. LSU has attended and hosted dances in the past.
“[We decided] to have it because it’s a tradition. Several years ago we decided to have a couple Pachangas throughout the year to allow the students from all these high schools to get together and do leadership activities to get them prepared for the college bowl in the spring,” said LSU sponsor Cynthia Karabush.
The Pachanga went well according to the students and teachers that attended the dance.
“The Pachanga was great. I had a great time. Buffalo Grove started the Pachanga with an entertaining activity to break the ice. The activity consisted of trying to open a box that had multiple locks and the only way to get the combination was to do puzzles,” said sophomore Sergio Ayala.
The LSU sponsors also enjoyed many things about it and would not do anything differently.
“One really cool thing [that I liked] was an activity where the students were put into groups and they had to work together to solve puzzles and open locked boxes. Whichever group opened their box first got to go to dinner first,” Alderson said.
Not only did they have one this year, but Latinos Stand Up is going to have another dance soon.
“The next dance coming up is on December 9, and it is back here at North since we switch up every dance,” Karabush said.