Knights Cafe serves coffee to voters

On  November 8th, the Knights Cafe gave free coffee to people voting in the presidential election throughout the school day.

“[We thought it was a good idea] because we knew that the high school was a polling site for the community, so there will be so many people. We thought that it’d be really cool if we welcomed these voters with some coffee from our cafe,” said teacher Kelly McIntyre.

The Knights Cafe is open during periods 6th and half of 7th on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They sell many different types of drinks.

“[The day of the election] we gave free coffee that we purchased with the money we make in our Tuesday/Thursday Knights Café,” said  department chair Kate Wicklander.

The students who take part in the Knights Cafe have many reasons on why they enjoyed working on election day.

“[I enjoyed it because] I like the hot chocolate and the coffee because it’s my favorite and I used to drink it a lot last year,” said senior Devin Hoppe.

Not only did the students enjoy the event, but so did the teachers.

“It means a lot to me. Im very passionate about it. It’s such an authentic opportunity for our students. We work a lot on job skills that they would need to have a job once they get older, and the fact that we could have this cafe gives them such a real world experience of working in a coffee shop and it just means the world to me,” McIntyre said.

Giving out free coffee that day turned out to be a big success according to the organizers.

“[The election] went great. It was so stressful for everyone in our country. We started saying that the Knights Cafe was the only “perk” of the election. We were trying to give back to the community and also make people aware of the Knights Cafe and that we would love community involvements,” Wicklander said.