Slam Funk brings music to the school


Musicians and singers throughout the school have the opportunity to try out for the Motown music band Slam Funk. The band is constructed of vocalists and musicians that seek to pursue more within their musical passion while also spreading joy amongst their listeners.
“I enjoy performing because I can express myself while doing what I love with some pretty great people, and I can also make [the audience] feel happy. I also love to be a part of something bigger than myself,” said sophomore saxophonist Lilia Rohmann.
The band practices regularly just like any club or sport and performed for the entire school during the Homecoming pep rally as well as throughout the summer at Grayslake Days, Lake County Fair, and Beach Fest. They continue to perform throughout the school year for the Grayslake North community.
“The entire purpose of Slam Funk is to spread Motown music throughout the community and provide joy to those around us,” said senior vocalist Hope Hudgins.
The group was established in 2009 at the high school and continues the tradition of the past musicians from North by performing throughout the area and pursuing musical aspirations. Slam Funk can be a great opportunity for students who want to involve themselves more in North, but also for musicians or vocalists that strive for those musical dreams.
“Singing and creating my own music is definitely a serious passion of mine. I truly enjoy being a part of the musical culture here at Grayslake North, and I hope that music can take me further with my future,” said sophomore vocalist Josiah Davis.
Slam Funk will be performing on December 13 at the VA Hospital and on December 17 at Carillon North. Unfortunately, these are not performances that students can attend, but the band has many other shows that can be attended by everyone.