Teachers pilot new technology

Teachers have been piloting a new computer called the Lenovo ThinkPad to help them teach students.
There are a few features that make it convenient and easy to use, which can prove beneficial to students as well since the teachers can display work to them with Chromecast.
“The new computer runs on Windows 10 and can Chromecast to the projector from anywhere in the room instead of having to be docked at the teacher desk,” said science teacher Brandon Boyd.
The new technology is good for teachers to present easier and connect to their students.
“[The new computers] allow teachers to annotate live using Chromecast which we did not have the ability to do before. It’s similar to what freshmen and sophomores have now where you can fold it over for a presentation,” said English teacher Ashley Kopecky.
This new technology has already helped some teachers to interact more directly with students.
“The idea is that the students have their Chromebooks, the teachers will have a larger, convertible laptop. Teachers started coming to me to discuss how their students could Chromecast wirelessly to the screen and they can write on theirs, but they can’t,” said technology integration specialist Thomas New.
These computers could be considered for more teachers around the school soon.