The Student Showcase hits the stage


This year, instead of the One Acts, the Green Room Theatre company presented the Student Showcase in the Black Box from December 1-3.
The procedure for picking shows is about the same as the One Acts. It is not an entirely new show; it just has a new name to show that it will be a little different.
“The senior directors read through a great deal of scripts and scenes and then narrowed them down into what pieces that they wanted to present. Then we have auditions and rehearsals. We have also had technical building days to get the set, props, costumes, lights and sound together,” said English and theater teacher Clare McConville.
The change is not just about giving it a new name. The purpose was to give a slightly new style to the show and let people add more mature scenes. This new opportunity for the directors could lead them in new directions.
“I picked [my shows] mainly through the meeting I had with the student directors and Mrs. McConville. We all brainstormed and pitched different ideas, and eventually we all had picked out productions we saw on the internet or from what Mrs. McConville had suggested,” said senior director Lauren Mateling.
Some shows featured in the showcase this year have serious topics that should not be taken lightly, but it should be remembered that these are all for entertainment purposes.
“The selection of the pieces this year are very serious topics and have quite a range from historic pieces to social issues. We have placed a mature content label on the performances because of these topics,” McConville said.
This show could be a great, new opportunity for students who hope to direct in the future.
“I’ve wanted the chance of being a director and see something I worked so hard on put onto the stage. I’ve seen seniors direct each year, and the responsibility directors must take made me eager to be a senior and to be in their position. I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire theatre career,” Mateling said.