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Art Club Creates Murals!

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Art Club has been working on murals all year long, and two are ready to go up.

Two years ago, a senior started the creation of mural documenting the digital world. However, she was unable to finish it before she graduated, leading to art club taking over.

“[Working on the mural] was exhausting, but fun. We would spend entire Art Club meetings working on it,” said junior Art Club member Amanda Lennes.

Another mural option for the Art Club was the Muse mural, a chance for kids and parents to participate in beautifying the school. It allowed everyone to include designs they desired to be within. Again, however, it was not finished by the end of Muse. Art Club decided to finish the mural themselves.

“It was really cool to be involved with the community and to be able to bring fine arts to the different schools and having kids come and help paint, allowing everyone to make an impact on the school that will forever be there,” said junior Emma Ziegler.

After week after week of putting hard work into the murals, the students felt proud of their creations and felt that they were ready to go up. They would be able to go on the walls after the last parts of prep were done for them.

“”It’s nice to know that after working hard it will be put up for the community to see. As with a painting, it’s an accomplishing feeling to see it done and think back to the original planning, although a mural is on a larger scale which makes it even more satisfying,” said junior Kate Pasmore.

Although these murals will be going up, Art Club continues creating. Look forward to see more creative ideas and murals in the upcoming years!working-on-mural

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Art Club Creates Murals!