Public Service Practicum holds food drive


Public Service Practicum traveled to different neighborhoods in order to collect food for citizens in need.

Saturday 11/12 was the big day – we went into neighborhoods to collect food and bring it back to GNHS to be stored,” said social studies department chair Christopher Kubic.

PSP also had freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors compete for who brought the most food.

“We had a school contest between graduating classes from November 7th to November 17th,” Kubic said.

PSP held the food drive because citizens in the area were having a rough time feeding their families.

“ There is a need even in this area.  We have neighbors who have a hard time putting enough food on the table.  We have many organizations who want to help those families, and they need more food to do so,” Kubic said.

The food drive was not just beneficial toward the people it helped, but also to the students that were able to commit their time to the program.

“It helped local neighbors in need, and it helped us realize that we’re part of a bigger community and we have a duty to help one another and make a better society,” Kubic said.