Journalism and Yearbook Staffs travel east for National Convention

Some school journalists and yearbook staff drove to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2016 Journalism Education Association Fall Convention to encounter numerous sessions held by experienced journalists regarding how to improve their overall publications.

These lectures were designed to help students to enhance their design, writing, and photography skills and realize how influential the media is within today’s society.

“The entire convention was extremely beneficial. The speakers were very knowledgeable with their topics and they each gave us new programs to work with to improve our skills,” said junior Erin McBriarty.

Journalism teacher Brenda Smith and yearbook supervisor Ashley Kopecky traveled with the students to also attend the convention. Each staff member was assigned to attend four sessions per day. Some sessions discussed infographics, photography tips, and design ideas for pages, but they were distinctly created for any position in a yearbook or journalism staff.

“They helped me realize how powerful the media is and how we can create an influence on our school by publishing interesting stories that could make an impact on students,” said junior Annie Mattea.

The convention not only gave staff members a chance to improve their publications, but it also allowed students to bond with each other and create new friends. Yearbook and journalism staff stayed in a hotel together, but also went to lunch and sessions in groups.

“It was fun getting to know some of the staff members better. They’re all very passionate with both yearbook and journalism, which is definitely who the convention was meant for,” said senior Ashley Garver.