Tri-M performs for students

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Last Friday, November 11, The Bill Chapin Trio and special guests from a musical society called Tri-M performed just outside the Black Box.

The trio performed in front of students during zero period with special guests Juliette Gardiner and Robert McNeilly, two members of Tri-M.

“The trio is made up of Mr. Bill Chapin, Mr. Tony Bussone and myself.  Students Juliette Gardiner and Robert McNeilly performed with the trio,” said Tri-M sponsor Paul Nielsen.

The small performance promotes the much larger society and entertained many students just before class.

“The Tri M mission is to have an impact on our community through service projects that involve music.  Sometimes the music is being performed by Tri M, and sometimes we just offer support for other performances.  We even help out other music programs by providing instruments and helping out at concerts.  Tri M hosts a number events at the school including Singing Valentines, Team Musical Chairs Tournament, and a Swing Dance,” Nielsen said.

Tri-M is a large group seeking to make a better community, so be sure that you check them out if you have the chance and enjoy a nice performance.