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Students donate blood to save lives

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The school hosted a blood drive through LifeSource on October 18. This was chosen as LifeSource Blood Drive of the Week.

According to information from LifeSource, the students brought 178 units of blood on October 18 to help patients in need.

Students were encouraged to sign up through their P.E. classes, and Molly Tomlinson, activities director, signed everyone up for the drive.

“We hold these drives because the pints of blood that are collected are then separated into its components -red cells, platelets and plasma – which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions. Essentially, the blood that gets donates has the potential to save hundreds of lives,” Tomlinson said.

People decide to donate to do something good for someone in need, even family.

“I put myself in other people’s situations, and like if a family member needed blood, I would donate,” said senior Bethany Newby.

Students from the high school like to donate and help as much as possible, especially for a good cause, giving the opportunity to live to patients.

“I like helping the community as much as possible. It helps other people get blood when they are sick and have diseases,” said junior Luke Balousek.

Donating blood gives good benefits to students.

“You get a t-shirt and food. It also makes me feel good knowing I can help people, and for a good cause,” said senior Casey Schrambeck.

After these students donate blood, it makes them feel good knowing they are doing something great for someone in need.

“Many students and teachers feel proud to donate blood. I have had several conversations with students who sign up to give blood, and they’ve expressed how they look forward to the two blood drives that we hold every year because if it means they’ve helped at least one person. They’ve spread kindness through their donation,” Tomlinson said.


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Students donate blood to save lives