Football tackles playoffs


As the Knights’ season came to an end with an impressive 5-2 record within the conference, the team also was able to sneak two more wins during the preseason. A week after fighting against the Sequoits, the team was bound to play arch rival Lakes in the first round of the 2016 playoffs. After a nail-biting battle, North came home with a significant win, sending them to Cary-Grove on November 5 for the next round.

“Since playoff season has arrived, practice has subtly changed since we will not have the lower level games. However, for the most part, it has remained the same. A normal practice usually consists of watching film and studying the tendencies, but we also work on a lot of offense and defense throughout the course of the week,” said coach Steve Wood.

Last year, the team won the school’s first ever playoff football game since it opened in 2004, which set the initial expectations even higher for the playoffs this season. Within the conference, the team placed second with a 5-2 record against the other eight schools. The last conference game took place on October 21 against undefeated Antioch. The team has many aspirations for the overall season as well as their perception on how they will perform during the next possible games that awaits them.

“We all want to truly succeed in the playoffs, but I think some [of our] goals go deeper than that, on a more personal level. It’s our job to hold each other accountable to work to achieve not only the big goals, but the small ones as well,” said senior Cole West.

The boys not only have team ambitions for the season, but most of them also developed some personal goals that they want to pursue. The players continuously look out for each other on and off the field, building their team chemistry, helping develop a bond, helping the team become stronger than before.

“One of my biggest personal goals is to just be there to help my brothers out on the field and make them know that I am always there for them,” said senior Dami Oladunmoye.