Green Room presents “The Importance Of Being Earnest”

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Green Room starts this year off with their first production, The Importance of being Earnest, showing October 20-23.
The company has been working on this show for a long time to put on the best performance they could.
“We made this show through constant rehearsals. We blocked each page individually and had line-checks periodically. It was very intense. Line memorization was always a great difficulty because the way most of the lines are spoken are so old-timey. I always found myself subconsciously trying to paraphrase,” said Nicholas Grzesik, the actor who plays Jack Worthing.
The show’s story follows a man named John Worthing as he tries to marry the love of his life.
“The show is about a John Worthing who has fallen in love with Gwendolyn Bracknell, but he has been lying about his name. As the play unfolds, we meet her bitter mother and conniving friend who get turned into the mix,” said director Claire McConville.
The work put into this show had started right at auditions, and the cast and crew only worked harder from there.
“I read the play a couple times beforehand. I actually went to see a production of the play. I saw the movie, and I knew I wanted to be Algernon. It wasn’t just fate that I got this part. I practiced this part the most. It helped me a lot getting the part and getting ready for the show,” said Elijah Janssen-Weitz, the actor who plays Algernon Moncrief.
The show takes many twists and turns and is comedic all the way through. The characters all have very unique relations and strong personalities of their own.
“Lady Bracknell is such a strong character who speaks her mind and changes her mind whenever she feels like it; it is really fun to watch Jessica Myrick portray the part,” McConville said.
Green Room will be starting the student showcase in a month, where the seniors will direct the shows. Keep a lookout for these and many other productions from the Green Room Theater Company this year.