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Meet Felice Ten Voorde

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The student from Italy is named Felice Ten Voorde, and he is staying with the Clearwater family for a full school year.
Italian schools are very different from how schools operate in the United States. Felice attended a scientific high school, which was a different atmosphere. Students get to know others because they spend the full morning with them and don’t move from class to class. It is a different environment from the one in this school.
“In Italy, we do not use labs very much and we stay in the same class the whole school day,” Felice said.
Not only the school, but the cultures are very different. In Italy, it is common to give two kisses on the cheeks or a hug in greeting, no matter if the recipient is male or female. Italy is also different in terms of what the geography is.
“Italy is much smaller, in terms of buildings and roads, and there is a lot of old buildings. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world,” Felice said.
Here at North, Felice takes Engineering, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, U.S. History, Team Sports and Physics.
He wanted to take English Literature, but it was difficult due to the language barrier. Felice is just like every other student, except for the fact that he’s far away from his home. Many are scared to become an exchange student due to fear of homesickness, but Felice believes that that is not a reason to be afraid. He has found home with his host family and the community at this school. Students are also nervous to host exchange students, in fear that they will not know what to do or what to do differently.
“[Hosting an exchange student] is not that much different [than everyday life]. We just try to do fun things that we normally do,” Felice’s host Joseph Clearwater said.
Overall, America has been a great experience for Felice.
“I’ve learned that you can find home thousands of miles from your country and that every place can become a new home,” Felice said.

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Meet Felice Ten Voorde