Students look forward to school trips

During this upcoming year, students have the opportunity to experience an entire trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. These trips are specifically designed to create lasting memories as well as provide a chance for students to learn about another country’s culture and history.
Quebec is a French speaking province within Canada which offers students a very similar experience to traveling in France. They also get a more hands-on experience with the language they have been learning within the classroom. The trip also is much more affordable, allowing more students to have the possibility of traveling.
“Students will have hands-on experiences, will be absolutely immersed in French culture and language, and will learn about the history of the French-speaking province,” said French teacher Dorota Trybula.
After a successful trip to Peru last year, Spanish teachers and students have decided to travel to Puerto Rico this spring break.
“We are going to Puerto Rico to learn about the Puerto Rican way of life. The students will learn firsthand about the Puerto Rican culture and will also continue to use and improve on their Spanish skills,” said Spanish teacher Nikki Kirchway.
Students will also have the opportunity of visiting three countries during the summer of 2017. The Exploring World Cultures class will experience Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand and the diverse cultures that they all have to offer.
“We will be there as tourists, and sightseeing will be the primary way in which we spend our time. However, our hope is that seeing the sights and experiencing the culture will be more impactful for them due to the work they have put into the classroom,” said social studies teacher Scott Ewen.
The students also have the chance to raise money to go to Vietnam.
“Most of it is self-funded unless students are doing individual fundraisers or choosing to use the EF Tours donation page as part of the trip costs,” said culinary arts teacher Jill Tomasello.