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Green Room presents The Importance of Being Earnest

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The Importance of Being Earnest is the Green Rooms’ first play for this year. They preformed October 20-22 at 7 pm as well as October 23 at 2pm.

The Green Room theater had been creating set, memorizing lines, creating costumes, working with lights and music.

“A lot goes into creating a show. The program needs to be made, The lobby needs to have a design, lights need to be focused and programmed, sounds need to be found, Set needs to be built and painted, etc. So much goes into transforming the black box and making people feel like they’re inside of the story. As a techie on Tuesday, I spent two to three hours at the school, and on Saturdays I spend 4 hours at school. During tech week, I’m in the black box until 10pm most of the week in order to pull all the aspects of the show together. That’s really a time when the company becomes a big happy family,” said junior Olivia Solano.

There are so many little details that make a production what is is in the end. These students and teachers put in a lot of their own time and hard work in order to make this show a success.

“ I really enjoy the processes of putting the show together and all the aspects of the show coming together. I was in charge of props, so it was so cool to pull different props from surrounding schools and have all my hard work be displayed on stage,” said junior Kat Llanes-Smith.

There was a grand total of around 13 actors including the understudies and 42 crew members that worked to get everything set and ready for the upcoming act and their actors. Many of which have been with the Green Room for several years.

“I have been in theatre since freshman year, and I have helped with every show [since then],” said senior Jonathan Martinez.

The play has been in the making since mid August and has been a long time coming for the cast and crew. Once the show is performed, it gives the green room a sense of  accomplishment.

“The feeling after finishing a show is unexplainable. It’s probably the best feeling I’ve ever felt, and I could give everything to feel like that all the time. It’s a mixer of relief and satisfaction mixed with adrenaline. And that description doesn’t even do it justice,” Solano said.

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Green Room presents The Importance of Being Earnest