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Art Club beautifies the school

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Beautifying the school every day, Art Club does many things to make the school a better place.

Currently working on Homecoming decorations, Art Club prepares for weeks in advance for window painting and the golf cart parade. They brainstorm as early as the second meeting and begin creation at the third.

Other than Homecoming, the students are working on a stairwell mural and a chihuly chandelier.

“I chose to create a mural for the school because the walls are so bland I wanted to add a bit more, and I wanted to leave my own impact on the school. Art Club is an easy way to do so because it’s so open,” said Art Club mural coordinator Jade Walker.

The mural has been a large point of interest for the Art Club members. Many came over the summer to work on the project, hoping to get a lead as the school year began.

Art Club is very different than other clubs, as there is so much going on. It is a diverse group of people participating in every meeting.

“My favorite part of art club is working with the wonderful students that come to the club with great ideas and excitement and energy because they really impress me with all the things they are capable of and all the things they want to do,” said Art Club sponsor, Kelly Bott.

Art Club also prepares for the art festival in the spring, Muse. They help organize the events that young children can enjoy, such as face painting, balloon animals, and opportunities to throw on the wheel with clay. As the festival revolves around art, many members feel it is important that art club makes a good impression.

“To get ready, we split up into committees and each take on different roles and practice for whatever task or craft we will be helping out with,” said Art Club president Sarahi Ledesma.

Overall, Art Club provides so much to the school through their participation in homecoming, their art festival in April, and their mural work. It will be exciting to see where Art Club goes next!

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Art Club beautifies the school