New solar panels added to campus


Solar panels will be installed in both schools, Grayslake North and Grayslake Central, during the next upcoming weeks to save energy. “We don’t have a specific (day) yet. We thought it was going to be done before school started, but it did not work so soon,” said Superintendent Catherine Finger.
Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy. The idea of having them put up was made up from everybody a part of the District 127 staff.
“Everyone (thought of this idea). I’m very interested in alternated energy sources, and throughout my time here at the district, we had conversations about alternating sources. We finally found a package and an opportunity that works beautifully for us in terms of installation but also beautifully in terms of the financial package. This source of energy piece has been one of my goals as superintendent for years,” Finger said.
Solar panels will be put up on a parcel that are about four ft tall and are flat. Their angles change to catch the sun’s rays.
“We are going to have just about 9,000 panels overall installed on both Grayslake Central and Grayslake North. We are also going to have small two and a half acre parcel on the ground when we have a ground installation here at the back of Grayslake North, because we have a spot for that,” Finger said.
Not only will there be solar panels up to be useful due to having many of them up around the school but also to save energy.
“(Since) solar energy uses the sun as an alternate energy source, our district will be using it as a power source, but we will also be creating enough that we can sell back to the energy market and that’s what makes it profitable for us,” Finger said.