Girls volleyball digs deep in season opener

As the school year begins, the girls volleyball team has been preparing for the upcoming games that await them on the court. Both coaches and players have been determined to accomplish goals that allow the athletes to push themselves to greater heights throughout the course of their season.
“During this season, the girls have been playing by the motto of DIG, which stands for desire, intensity, and growth. These few words are some of the ideals we want the girls to keep in mind while on the court,” said coach Jim Sarver.
The team has been participating intough practices to prepare them for the difficult competition they will be forced to face throughout the season. With the new conference, the girls are required to play against schools that are unfamiliar, which drives the athletes to play to their best ability and bring their school ultimate pride.
“Physically, we have been doing lots of different plyometrics for our season. We also do many different kinds of workouts that are beneficial for our entire body to keep us physically in shape. Mentally, our team has always been positive when going into a game and to always have the mindset of practicing like we are in a game situation. We also have developed a three second rule, which is if we make a mistake, we have three seconds to think about it and then move on to the rest of the game,” said senior Sidney Lovitsch.
Despite their current record, the girls continue to stay positive and focus on how they are able to make improvements during practices, so they can apply it to their games. The girls continue to pick up each other either after a difficult practice or a tough loss.
“Our team’s ultimate strength is staying positive. No matter the outcome of the game, we always continue to think of how we are able to improve for the next match. Being positive really benefitted our team as an entirety after facing challenging teams. Positivity helped us push to fight against the other teams and get better,” said senior Lexi Martineau.