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Exploring World Cultures Class visits Japan

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Exploring World Cultures Class visits Japan

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This summer, the Exploring Worlds Culture class headed to Japan to experience a new civilization unlike America’s.
Forty-two students and teachers got the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and spend ten days in Japan from May 27 to June 7.
“I’ve always been interested in Japan. The first thing that truly sparked my interest in visiting, however, was manga and anime, specifically the historical ones,” said junior Jessica Yun.
To get ready for the trip, the students and teachers would meet once a month on Sundays. During this class, they focused on different aspects of Japanese culture and the country’s history.
“It was unlike most classes. We watched movies and had Japanese food. It was a really enjoyable experience,” said sophomore Julianna Bennett.
Once they finally got there, the students saw many parts of Japan. One particular place the group visited was the Hiroshima Peace Park and Memorial. For many of the participants, it was a very moving experience.
“The Peace Memorial was a very powerful symbol to see how humanity harmed each other with powerful nuclear weapons. The Japanese were not mad. They wanted a peaceful way to help people recognize the effects of the Hiroshima atomic bombs,” said biology teacher Dolores Heupel.
Students also enjoyed meeting the people of Japan. They often met school groups who were fascinated by the arrival of American tourists. The school groups were very kind.
“My biggest experience was the kindness of the Japanese people and their respect for the country’s culture and history,” said art teacher Kelly Bott.
Both the students and teachers enjoyed the traveling experience and learning about the differences between Japan and America’s culture.

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Exploring World Cultures Class visits Japan