Students put time, effort into publications

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The school’s newspaper can keep students updated on all the latest news that occurs throughout the school year. The yearbook can keep all the memories made in high school. The members of the yearbook and newspaper work hard to make wonderful times last forever.
“I think it’s important that we cover all the events that are going on in the school and make sure that we’re covering what the students are doing,” said journalism teacher and newspaper adviser Brenda Smith.
The activities of students around the school are seen and reported on by yearbook and newspaper staff members for the students to keep with them after high school ends.
“We all brainstorm ideas, and then we look through those stories and pick ones for the paper,” said news editor Grace Marino.
Journalism and yearbook go through a process to find what stories the students need to know. The stories are picked by students and with the students’ interests in mind.
“I think it’s important to have student voice, so it’s important that not only the yearbook staff represents the school, but they represent themselves, because who better to design the yearbook than the high school students experiencing all that’s going on in high school,” said the yearbook teacher and editor Ashley Kopecky.
Journalism and yearbook are both electives that can be taken by most students. Yearbook requires at least one year of journalism beforehand.
“Yearbook is an elective for sophomores through seniors. Typically, you take your English class and then you take yearbook as an elective. If you’re interested in design, photography, writing, any of the above, then you can take yearbook as an elective,” Kopecky said.
Even these elective can create their own memories worth keeping forever.
“Just joining yearbook in general changed my life a lot. Freshman year I didn’t talk to anyone. I was very anti-social, but now through yearbook, I’ve become more outgoing, and that’s a great memory I’d like to have,” said yearbook editor Aidan Walsh.
Newspapers are published three times a semester and the yearbook will come out around the end March to early