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Students visit from Spain

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Students visit from Spain

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Young students from Spain have gotten the opportunity to visit America and learn about U.S. culture.
The students from Spain are all very excited to be here and try and experience new things.
“I like it here more because you meet new people. There are more sports and new stuff,” said Spain student Lucas Lozano.
Students from North were offered the opportunity to host students from Spain for three weeks this fall.
“It’s pretty cool and a nice experience to be with Spain student (Lucas L) for 3 weeks, as well as all the other students from Spain,” said host student David Berna.
There are many benefits to hosting students from a foreign country.
“They get to see what culture is like here in the U.S. and learn English and make friendships that will last a lifetime,” said world languages department chair Valerie Padgett-Krause.
Students who host find it rewarding and a good way to learn about other cultures.
“I was really excited. It’s cool watching them see and learn new things. It brings a really good outlook when they leave. This is my second year hosting, and I’m thinking of hosting next year as well,” said host student Shaye Hutson.
Being from another country and having the opportunity to come to the United States and learn about this culture is exciting.
“I’m glad to have this opportunity because I get to learn about the U.S. culture, talk a lot of English, know a lot of people, getting the chance to visit many places, and learn the lifestyle of the family I will be staying with,” said Spain student Pilar Bosch.
The students from Spain gain many benefits.
“The benefits are seeing the American environment and interacting with us and getting an insight into our culture and having fun,” said host student Jimmy Velasco.
Students learn many things from being able to come to the United States.
“I will be staying here for three weeks, and I would definitely stay longer if I could because it is a big experience,” said student from Spain Inma Moreno Nadales.
The students will be doing many things during their stay in Grayslake.
“We will be going to Chicago, bowling, shopping, baseball game and I know that each host will host individual parties for them,” said host student Nolan Elsian.
School life in Spain is very different from school life here in Grayslake.
“I am very glad to be here. Where I go to school, I only stay in one class and here you move to many other classes,” said student from Spain Sara C.

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Students visit from Spain