Band sets off to make a great year


The Marching Knights earned the Best Musical Performance award at the Fox River Marching Invitational in Waukesha, WI, last weekend. They also placed second in Class AAAA field show and third overall in the entire festival.
This was the first competition of the year. As a new band year begins, it offers new competitions, new performances, and new friends.
The freshmen are very excited to begin their journey as musicians.
“I’m looking forward to being able to play more complex pieces of music, going on our trip to Florida, competitions, and possibly becoming a section leader,” said freshman Vincent Stolle.
Many band students are also excited for upcoming events, like competitions and performances.
“We are performing at three competitions as well as taking a trip to Disney World. We also perform at all the home football games, which is always a fun time,” said senior Andrea Gutierrez.
Incoming freshmen are having different experiences than other students that have been in band for a longer amount of time.
“The commotion this year will be hard for freshmen, like me, trying to stay in line with more experienced people, but I still really enjoy band because of the new people and friends that I’ll make,” said freshman Niko Schwab.
However, there are also many seniors that are very sad to be leaving behind some of the best years they have had.
“I will miss the people and friends that I have made. Nearly every class I am in has band kids that I regularly talk to, so I always feel like I have people to talk to every hour of the day,” Gutierrez said.