Students organize community projects

Public Service Practicum (PSP) students are creating projects that help benefit their community, or issue, that they are passionate about, hence the name ‘Passion Project.’
“PSP members choose an issue in the school, community, or world that they are passionate about, and they research that issue. They design and implement the project they have created,” said PSP teacher Roxanne Bristow.
The class varies from year to year, so students can take it both junior and senior year. The project is supposed to be a project students complete for a grade as well as well as one that makes a change in the world and helps solve the problem that they picked.
“The purpose of the projects is to allow PSP members an opportunity to address an issue that they deeply care about. All year, PSP members have been learning the professional skills needed to address the issues in our school, community, and world,” Bristow said.
Senior Corryn Smith held a social event at the Twisted Cow where Life skills students from the school ran the ice cream business.
“I conducted some pre-field trip information, including customer service tips, the order in which you perform your duties, and what all is included in an ice cream sundae. Then, my PSP class arrived to be customers for the students,” said senior Corryn Smith.
Senior Arlene Moreno has been collecting Legos, Dixie cups, paper towels and toilet paper for her project with the Beacon Place, a freshly remodeled community center in Waukegan to provide help to struggling moms and kids in North Chicago and Waukegan.
“I have volunteered there for the past two summers. It has had a huge impact on me. I bonded with the kids as well as the director,” Moreno said.
PSP students continue to work on their Passion Projects and continue to make a difference.