Girls soccer team sets team, individual goals as they make a run for the Regional title

The girls soccer program has been on a roll with thirteen wins so far. “The girls are starting to come together as a group. We are showing a lot of positive signs that we will look to build on as we progress through the season,” said varsity coach Adam DeCaluwe.
Not only do the girls on the program have goals to reach, but also coaches have goals that they want to accomplish.
“My goals are to always take one day at a time, looking to improve each day. With that approach, we should be playing our best soccer at the end of the season, putting us in good position to compete for the Conference Championship as well as another Regional title,” DeCaluwe said.
This season, the girls soccer program have goals as a team to successfully win as many games as possible.
“As a team, we always want to communicate, have a W.I.N. Mentality (What’s Important Now), and play for ourselves and our teammates. Those are our techniques to win a game,” said varsity soccer player Megan McCue.
Before each game, the girls do different techniques to prepare themselves for what is coming their way in each of the games that they have. The practices that team has after school is what makes them ready for their games.
“Our practices run pretty smoothly and are almost always extremely efficient. Often, we work on our shape and formation in practice so that we can see it reflected on the field. Overall, we work hard. Putting in the work gets us where we want to be,” Smith said.
The girls varsity soccer team puts in effort in their games because dedication means everything to them when it comes to soccer.
“ I have loved soccer since a young age. Soccer isn’t like football, or basketball, or volleyball. We don’t have set plays that we have to follow every time. We have our freedom to be creative. We make our own plays. Soccer isn’t about the running; it’s about the team’s goals and what we want to accomplish,” McCue said.