Summer school to offer new courses, bus services

The district is offering bussing this year for summer school, for the first time ever. Bussing could lead to possibly an increase in attendance in summer advancement courses.
“The district was really what gave the big push. We offer reduced fee bussing and hope all of these additions will increase our attendance,” said associate principal Jeff Schagrin.
The district is hoping that the introduction of bussing will not only increase attendance, but will make new and unique courses that are only offered in the summer.
“We’re hoping we can run a summer credit advancement program this year with the bussing. We have some really unique courses and fun classes that we don’t offer during the school year,” Schagrin said.
Teachers and staff are really hoping that the bussing will help increase attendance in credit recovery courses.
“We are both really excited. These increased opportunities means students can continue their studies. I want everyone to have the best summer they can, but year round schooling is great. It’s a smoother transition between the school years, and students can get back into the systems quicker,” Schagrin said.
District 127 also is offering bussing for students involved in the credit advancement courses.
“We have always offered the extra credit advancement courses. They have not run every year because of lack of enrollment,” said principal Jim Roscoe.
Students who do not have a lunch are given a new opportunity to enroll and have transportation available to the classes over the summer, so they can have a free period during the school year.
“This could possibly help those students who didn’t get the opportunity to have a lunch because they will have an opportunity to take courses over the summer and open up their schedule and give them a bit more freedom,” Roscoe said.
Credit advancement classes involve interesting classes such as Chicago Alive, where students go to Chicago once a week and explore the science, art and architecture.