Glittering Paris greets students at Prom


Juniors and seniors enjoyed Prom on May 7 at Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Pictures were at 5 pm, check-in was at 5:30, the buses left at 6, and Prom was from 7 pm to 11 pm. Jill Grunloh and Jodi Sokolowski had many helpers this year to help organize Prom and to even think of the theme for Prom.

“We had a group of junior class members. Six to eight of them met a couple of times to brainstorm different ideas. We came up with a Google survey for the theme, sent it out to all the juniors and seniors and we had them vote. Glittering Paris ended up winning,” Sokolowski said.

Picking a day and location for a special occasion is not always easy. People choose wisely and make sure it’s the place that they are looking for and the day goes with their schedule.

“We like to have the dance on a Saturday night because that allows the girls enough time to get their hair, nails, etc. done without stressing or missing school. Having the dance right after school also makes for a long day,” Grunloh said.

Usually Grayslake North always picks the same location because of how big the banquet is and because of the dance floor that they have ready for the students.

“We have been using the same location for years. The room is very big there, we feel that there’s a lot of space for the tables. It has one of the biggest dance floors,” Sokolowski said.

The ticket sales for Prom were after school on April 7, April 14, and April 21.

“Tickets were $100 each. It includes the cost for the rental of the room, dinner, the transportation in the coach busses, and also includes the Prom t-shirt,” Sokolowski said.

Prom is fun experience for the students to enjoy and to be with one another before seniors leave off to college.

“I think Prom is such a fun event. Everyone looks so beautiful all dressed up, and the energy in the room is so enchanting,” Grunloh said.

Being with family at special events is different than with being with friends due to many of the occasions students experience.

“I think to go to a formal event is super exciting and a great day and experience for the students at the school. It’s fun to be with all your friends towards to the end of the school year. It’s just a great time,” Sokolowski said.