Seniors prepare to leave home for college

Seeing their old homes dissipate through the rear view mirror while on their way to start a new future for themselves is exciting, yet bizarre. That single home holds thousands of memories that capture each of their childhood and adolescent years. Leaving it for a dorm filled with strangers in an entirely new place is unusual; however, the dawning of a new chapter for the graduate’s lives awaits them with great opportunities.
“I’m really excited about the new atmosphere and independence. Going to college is going to be an entirely new world, and that provides me with new adventures,” said senior Jessica Vaughn.
Vaughn plans to attend Tarleton State University in Texas, which is located an hour away from Dallas. Her plans take her to majoring in nursing, and possibly minoring in psychology. With less than a month away from graduating, seniors are overjoyed with the thought of their future and where their desires will lead.
“To prepare for college, I have done a lot of scholarship work and made sure everything is ready for when I leave this fall. But more importantly, I have been trying not to take my family and friends for granted, because they will not be right down the road next year,” she said.
Numerous seniors have been given immense support from family members, friends, coaches, staff members, and even athletic trainers. People within Grayslake North’s community yearn to see students achieve their goals and ultimately succeed.
“My parents have been by far my biggest supporters. They never had the opportunity to go to college, so this is a huge deal for my sister and I. Everything I’ve done has always resulted in an immense amount of support from the both of them. Even if I have made a mistake or am struggling, they constantly remind me how proud they are of me. I’ve seen how hard they have worked to get where they are, so I have a desire to do the same,” Vaughn said.
Beginning a new era after graduating high school is an extreme milestone that many look forward to. College is something that should be celebrated due to the intense accomplishments that an individual has worked immensely to earn.
“I have continuously worked hard within the classrooms as well as the weight room to get myself to where I am today. My desire is to play football at the next level and earn a degree so I can later develop a supportive career,” said senior Merrick Gentile.
Most post-grads have a difficulty of adapting to the college after leaving home, but getting involved with activities around campus will increase the comfort of the individual and the chance of meeting new people at the college.