Spanish students travel to Peru


A group of Spanish students from Grayslake North took flight on March 16 to reach the South American country, Peru. Though the flight was extensive, the students had ten entire days to experience a trip of a lifetime. The itinerary included a hike on Machu Picchu, a visit to Cusco, a bike tour through a lagoon, touring local villages, swimming with sea lions, and a visit to the capital Lima. The students were ecstatic for the trip.
“The trip made me a more positive person after seeing a completely different culture. It had me open my eyes to the diversity within other countries and how much opportunities we possess in the States,” said junior Sydney Paez.
Within the ten adventurous days, the students experienced places heavily impacted with Spanish culture and gave them an authentic exposure to a foreign country. The trip’s purpose was not only to give students the opportunity to travel outside the States, but it also gave them the chance to utilize what they have been taught in their Spanish class.
“My speaking skills helped me converse with the Peruvian family I stayed with, and it made me feel happy that I knew what they were discussing and I was able to respond back to them in an authentic manner,” said sophomore Shannon Keilwitz.
Most students experienced their very first time leaving the country to go to Peru. The trip provided students with once in a lifetime memories such as visiting Machu Picchu and staying with an authentic Peruvian family. These families gave students the opportunity to encounter South American culture from a realistic standard.
“My favorite memory of the trip is seeing how excited the students were to see Machu Picchu. It is a breathtaking place. I also loved seeing the students try new foods, being compassionate to other people and animals (there are tons of dogs and cats roaming the streets), speaking Spanish, hearing their experiences with their home-stay families and seeing them get excited about all the different archaeological sites we saw,” said Spanish teacher Nikki Kirchway.
Students as well as staff thoroughly enjoyed the Peru trip and how it provided experiences that will be unforgettable for each other.