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Pets enjoy the outdoors, interact with others

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Dog parks were created to let humans’ four legged friends roam on or off the leash. At these parks, dogs can socialize with the many other breeds and be trained in numerous ways.
“My dog, Brody, a golden retriever, does not go to the park with a leash on,” said sophomore Shannon Keilwitz. “It’s all about trust. He is a very trustworthy dog, and he never goes too far from where we are.”
Members of the community are able to go to the dog parks year round, but many prefer to go during the spring and summer months.
“I have two dogs, Dixie and Bella. Dixie is a collie mix and Bella is a Lab Newfoundland mix. The last time I went, I went with my friends and their dogs; we had so much fun,” said sophomore Camryn Gunn.
Many students choose to meet up with their friends and their dogs to walk around the park with them.
“We go to the Lukanda, Lindenhurst, and Libertyville dog parks with my dog Ruger, a German shorthaired pointer. What I like most about the Lindenhurst dog park is how clean they keep it. It’s a nice way to get your dog out and enjoy the day,” said sophomore Kristin Matson.
Teaching dogs to be kind to everyone at the dog park can be difficult, but many dogs obey the dog park rules after training.
“I trained my dog to like other dogs by having a to grow up next to him and get to know him. Also, my neighbor has a dog, and they get to be together a lot,” Keilwitz said.
Many have heard the phrase, “a man’s best friend.” In some cases, this saying is very true for dogs and their owners.
“My bond with Ruger has strengthened in the past few years because I was the one who trained him, so we have great respect for each other,” Matson said.

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Pets enjoy the outdoors, interact with others