Students struggle with jobs, school

It’s almost time for school to end, and students are generally happy to go home and take a nap. Some students not only deal with their school work, but some of them also deal with working after school. Working may seem fun and exciting, but for some students, it is difficult because they also have to keep up with their grades and homework.
“It’s overwhelming because I work late hours. I wake up extremely early, and I barely have time to do homework, but it still helps me with being responsible,” said senior Angy Diaz.
Other students have struggled to do work and focus on school, so they ended up quitting their jobs because it is too much for them to deal with during high school.
“It was hard. That’s why I ended up quitting. I wanted to focus on softball, and I felt pressured,” said senior Christina Lizano.
After many hours of working, some students felt exhausted, but other students would not be complaining.
“[My job] is not that stressful; it’s actually pretty easy for me,” said senior Diego Ruiz.
Working doesn’t only affect school work, but it also affects having free time to be with family and friends and trying to accomplish homework.
“My hours don’t really cooperate with free time to be with my family or hangout with my friends because I usually work a lot of hours,” said senior Fernando Torres.
But working has it’s advantages, having the opportunity to be making money and being more responsible. Though, it also has some disadvantages.
“[The only disadvantage I have is] not being able to hangout with any of my friends,” Ruiz said.
Luckily, some students did not have any disadvantages when it comes to the next school day after working many hours.
“My grades never went down. I still had excellent grades on my projects and on my homework,” Torres said.
After work, many students would want to anxiously go home and get some rest.
“The next day [after work], I would feel extremely tired, moody and even hungry,” Diaz said.
Even though students would feel extremely tired the next day, many still enjoyed their jobs.
“[My job] is actually pretty good and easy, just because I’m used to working there,” said Ruiz.
Once having to leave work to focus on school, many students felt good because they would only have one thing to worry about, school.
“[After quitting] I felt like I had more free time to be with friends and more time to be able to focus more on school,” Lizano said.