Boys bowling succeeds in fulfilling individual, team goals

The boys bowling team competed in Regionals on January 16. Their hard work at practice all season resulted in achieving their team goal to go to Sectionals

“We have been practicing only varsity, and we each get our own lanes to practice for the full hour and a half. We all work on our individual games and what each one of us personally needs to work on,” said junior Cole Pelegrino.

The boys placed seventh at Regionals and two of the team members continued onto Sectionals. Sectionals was January 23 at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford.

“It takes consistent 200 bowling and spare shooting. It also takes a good mental game and good friends to keep things loose,” said junior Daniel Yates.

Although this is an individual sport, their total scores are combined, and that total is compared to the other team’s total. Whoever has more points wins.

“Even though bowling consist of individuals performing independently, the score and therefore the team’s performance is still completely team based, sometimes more so than other sports. In bowling, it is not possible [for one person to win the whole game for the team].”

One person simply cannot score enough points to beat a team of five opponents. Without the support of the team, no one person can be successful,” said coach Greg Geiger.

The team is not only there for the scoring aspect of the team, they’re also there to help support their teammates and friends.

“Five of us do our part and play our games to our best ability. Everyone tries their hardest to contribute to the team and win, just like other sports,” Pelegrino said

Amongst the team goals, players still have individual goals they have set for themselves.

“My goal was to make it to State. I made it to Sectionals last year and never had the chance to advance on. So I believe this year is my year,” Yates said.