Social media continues to grow in 21st century

From Myspace to Facebook to Instagram, society has always been trying to find entertaining and innovative ways for people to interact with one another. Social media has not only brought individuals together, but it has also given people an escape.
“It allows me to connect with my peers,” said junior Cammy Cowperthwaite. “[It also] allows me to share cool pictures with my friends.”
Although many adolescents are affected by emerging social medias, teachers also utilize technology. Teachers use apps such as Remind 101, Twitter, and Schoology to tie into their classroom discussions.
“Remind 101 is where teachers can have students sign up and text them on the app to the student’s phone. There is the option for the student to answer back where the teachers knows that the student received the response and comprehends it or can ask a question,” said English teacher Tom New.
The world of media is constantly changing. Some social media, such as Facebook, have begun to deteriorate in popularity. However, Instagram is favored by many due to its straight-forward layout and how easy it is to communicate with peers.
“[Social media] keeps me updated on what my friends are doing when I’m not there to experience it,” said freshman Wake Caldero.
For Netflix enthusiasts, there is a new app/website that allows people to connect over their devices and watch videos via Wi-Fi connection. Many enjoy this because individuals are able to experience their friends’ reaction to the same video they are watching. Rabbit allows people around the world to reconnect in an easy and fast process.
Flipboard is an app where the user can create their own personalized magazine based on their interests. Since elections are coming up, many voters want to stay updated on current events. Even if politics doesn’t interest someone, the app has hundreds of topics from which to pick such as: design, architecture, business, photography, gaming, agriculture, and even ancient history.
“It builds this magazine for you every day, but you’re able to flip an article to a magazine that you might share with someone so they can see that specific article,” New said.
From just a swipe of a finger, users have the ability to unlock a different realm of communication and opportunity.